Design and Animation for a fictional game character


This character was created for video game purpose. JET comes from the digital world. He was named after his ability to surf with a flying skate to escape from his original virtual world. JET is thus conscious of being only a fictitious character. Taking advantage of his freedom, he then developed a passion for music and urban culture. His cube, a technological prodigy designed by himslef, gives him the power to memorize the sounds that surround him and to spread waves. Teleporting from virtual universe to antoher thanks to the sound waves, JET will not let anyone stand in his way.


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Game Concept:
You control the character Jet. The goal is to survive as long as possible from the shots that appear to hit your character. By avoiding the shots, you increase your score, but be careful, the higher it gets, the more difficult the game is! The background is divided into three distinct colors: the shots disapear when their color is identical to the background color, and their damage are canceled. But don't forget them when they move to another color!

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Game Concept:
Lone Planet is a Shoot'Em up Versus Game. Two players face each other face to face, each shooting at his opponent. The game features thirteen characters with different characteristics including JET, specialized in speed and fast shots.
This prototype game was developed over a year with a team of 17 students from e-artsup Lille. See more on the project on the blog: here.
I was involved in the project as Animation Manager, mainly dealing with JET design and movements.


JET Animations

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